Lux Salon: Past Imperfect


Lux Salon: Past Imperfect
Thursday 28th July 7pm for 7.30pm

Curated and presented by Shai Heredia, Director of Experimenta, India
Since its inception in 2003, Experimenta, the festival for experimental cinema in India has presented a critique of the predominant narrative of the history of Indian Cinema, by highlighting omissions and offering alternative narratives. Over the years the festival has challenged this male centric, nationalistic history as constructed by… self serving bureaucrats’ and academics from the film archives and filmmaking institutions, and has created a peoples’ history of Indian cinema, as it were. This is a selection of contemporary experimental films and videos made by women filmmakers from India, for whom formal experimentation enables an engagement with the discourse of women’s subjectivity. This context of filmmaking, though rarely recognized, has in fact played an important role in expanding the boundaries of film as art in India, thus reshaping the concerns of the traditional avant garde to include feminine perspectives and desires.

Ayisha Abraham ‘enroute or “of a Thousand Moons” 2011
Santana Issar ‘Bare’ 2006
Priya Sen ‘Elegy to a Rollerskating Rink’ 2011
Natasha Mendonca ‘Jan Villa’ 2011

LUX SALON is an free informal screening/discussion event which takes place at the LUX Offices in Dalston. Admission is free but booking is essential as places are very limited, to book a place email your name