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Issue 8

Guest Editors
Shai Heredia & Oliver Husain

Issue 8 is dedicated to Loud Mess. Writers, artists, filmmakers, record collectors, photographers, and sound designers come together here to reflect on moments of madness and excess embedded in the experience of spectatorship and the craft of filmmaking. With heady images and juicy ideas, this Issue reveals the sensory drama of a cinema that is visceral, trippy, and yet profound. Moments of musical ecstasy are mixed with the grime of horror. Sexy images are intricately woven together with political history. The power of transgression resonates in the exposition of filmmaking processes that embrace mistakes, failures, and instances of chance. The mainstream and the avant-garde find themselves comfortably alongside each other. As you turn the page, you will experience the celebration of loudness and messiness of cinema spilling over into everyday life itself

With contributions by:
Edo Bouman, Chew Tee Pao, J. Daniel Elam, Chitra Ganesh, Anuja Ghosalkar, Hara Kazuo, Milan Hulsing, Srinivas Kuruganti, Luca Lum, Debashree Mukerjee, Yashas Shetty and Gerard Westerhof

And original illustrations and artwork by:
Oliver Husain, Roque Federizon Lee (aka Rox Lee), Rupali Morzaria

Featuring interviews with:
May Adadol Ingawanij & Julian Ross, Umashankar Mantravadi, Ernst Karel & Veronika Kusumaryati

Oliver Husain is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Toronto. His projects often begin with fragments of history, a rumor, a personal encounter, or a distant memory. He uses a wide range of cinematic languages and visual pleasures—such as dance, puppetry, costume, and special effects—to animate his research and charm the viewers into complex narrative set-ups.

Shai Heredia is a filmmaker, curator, and founding director of the moving image art biennial Experimenta. Her films I Am Micro and An Old Dog’s Diary have been exhibited widely. She has curated for film festivals and art venues, and was the programmer for the 65th Robert Flaherty Seminar. She teaches at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, in Bangalore.

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