Experimenta India is an artist run platform that encourages uncompromising, fresh, compelling and critically urgent experimentation with the moving image in India.

Founded by filmmaker Shai Heredia in 2003, this groundbreaking platform has over the years played a significant role in countering the hegemony of the mainstream Indian film industry. Through nurturing an alternative community that reflects upon, and examines the different traces of Indian artists’ film and video, both historical and contemporary, we engage in a series of projects that bring together Indian and international film artists with similar creative and socio-political concerns.  Besides curating EXPERIMENTA, the critically acclaimed bi-annual festival, we also showcase Indian experimental film and video at international film festivals and art venues like the Tate Modern (London), the Berlinale Film festival (Berlin), Images festival (Toronto), EXiS festival (Seoul) amongst others.

While bringing Indian moving image art into international prominence, we have also hosted International artists residencies in Mumbai and Bangalore, curated regular screenings and conducted film art workshops across India. Ultimately as an alternative community we have played a significant role in evolving independent, new and radical discourse for film as an art practice in India.